MS Excel - Introduction


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This course introduces basic spreadsheet terminology and functions within the application framework of Microsoft Excel.  You will be able to identify Excel components, download and work with templates, navigate and save worksheets. You will learn the basics of enterting and editing text, values and formulas, how to move and copy data and formulas, work with absolute and relative referencing, and work with ranges, rows and columns. You will learn simple functions and proper spreadsheet formatting. You will create and modify charts, work with graphics, and prepare worksheets for printing.  

The course is taught using MS Excel for Windows although those working in a Mac environment can also benefit from the instruction though some keystrokes and procedures will be different.



Prerequisites: Before enrolling in this course, participants should possess a basic understanding of mouse operation, file and folder creation, saving and locating files, and browsing the internet. This course may be taught on laptops in a small group setting.

In this course, participants will:

  • explore the Excel Environment
  • navigate a worksheet
  • use a template
  • enter and edit text and values
  • create basic formulas, enter and edit formulas
  • add and edit comments
  • save and update workbooks
  • modify workbook. move and copy worksheets
  • insert and delete ranges, rows and columms
  • select, copy and paste spreadsheet data
  • format the display of data: cells, rows, columns
  • explore absolute and relative referencing
  • use common functions - build a simple budget sheet
  • create a basic chart
  • format a chart
  • work with pictures and graphics
  • prepare, preview and print workbook contents



  • Basic computer skills

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6 hour Course

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