Sharepoint: Managing Permissions and Groups


SharePoint sites offer powerful tools that enable organization and collaboration between team members.  Permissions provide site users access to the materials they need to do their job, while securing sensitive information so it isn't modified or viewed by the wrong person.  
This course describes SharePoint permissions and permission levels as well as groups and their purpose. We discuss concepts and principles to keep SharePoint sites effective, organized, and secure.  Each student will have their own SharePoint site where they will create groups and assign permissions. 

Target Audience:

  • SharePoint site owners
  • U of S Employees and students who want to become SharePoint power users 


  • Basic computer skills  
  • Some SharePoint experience would be an asset 

Other Recommendations:

If you have no SharePoint experience, consider taking the Intro to SharePoint course

Understanding Permissions in SharePoint: A four minute video that gives an overview of SharePoint permissions


  1. Understanding Permission Levels in SharePoint  (A good and relatively short article describing Permission Levels. )  
  2. What is permissions inheritance? (A short article explaining permissions inheritance)  
  3. Create and Manage SharePoint Groups (Instructions for creating groups, adding/removing users, granting site access, deleting groups, and assign permission levels)
  6. (Microsoft's list of permissions and permission levels)
  7. Groups and Permissions Planning Template



  • Properly plan and implement SharePoint permissions  
  • Plan and create SharePoint groups  
  • Work with permissions inheritance, and break inheritance when necessary  
  • Create custom permission levels  
  • Set item level permissions 
  • Use Active Directory and IAM groups within SharePoint  


  • Basic computer skills
  • Sharepoint: An Introduction to Sharepoint at U of S

Other Recommendations:

There are no additional recommendations with this course


2 hour Course

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U of S Students: $0.00
U of S Faculty: $0.00
U of S Staff: $0.00

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