Blackboard: Grade Centre and Rubrics


Blackboard is a web-based tool that provides the instructor the freedom to focus on teaching and learning techniques.This productivity tool can be used in all courses, from supplementing existing face-to-face classes to delivering completely on-line distance classes. It is easy for novice instructors to learn and use, yet powerful enough to handle the most advanced teaching needs.

"A rubric is a grading tool to assess performance with a task, and contains a set of criteria with a level of quality for each of the criteria. A rubric simply lists a set of criteria, which defines and describes the important components of the work being planned or evaluated." 

Rubrics may be used in a grading scheme to objectively grade assignments, blogs, journals and so on. 



The participants will:

  • work with the grade centre
  • recognize the different types of rubric grading schemes;
  • build a rubric for use in a course
  • add the rubric to an assignment 
  • practice using the rubric for grading a fictional student


  • Basic computer skills
  • navigate Blackboard Learn Course Tools

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1 hour Course

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