WebEx: Using WebEx for Meetings


ICT at the U of S has now made WebEx available to all faculty and staff on campus.

WebEx is a campus wide, centrally-supported web conferencing solution that greatly enhances productivity in the workplace by providing rich online environments for collaboration.

As a single, university-wide standard for web conferencing, WebEx can be accessed via the Meetings tab in the left-hand navigation menu in PAWS or via a mobile app.

  1. Decreased time spent travelling to and from meetings at different locations across campus.
  2. The elimination of administrative functions needed to book meeting rooms and physical equipment in spaces across campus.
  3. The opportunity to attend training sessions, town halls, conferences and forums online.
  4. The ability to collaborate and share research with colleagues and institutions around the world without having to make travel arrangements.
  5. The option of inviting non U of S employees to meetings or conferences.
  6. Functions to connect students with student specific units across campus (e.g., student counseling, SESD, Gwenna Moss).
  7. The ability to give students greater access to admissions and registration services, especially when they are located outside of Saskatoon.
  8. The ability to give employees greater access to administrative service contacts in finance and human resources without having to travel to service locations.
  9. Access to your own personal meeting room which gives you the ability to control virtual office hours from any location.
  10. Access to an in-depth training and support program.


In this session we will explore:

  • The WebEx interface/dashboard.
  • Login, setup and installation.
  • How to join a meeting.
  • How to organize and/or host a meeting.
  • How to schedule meetings (from the dashboard, from Outlook).
  • How to present (sharing desktop, applications, files, video, audio, chat, whiteboards, etc).

While this is a seminar session, bringing a laptop, tablet or smart phone and headphones would be beneficial.


  • Basic computer skills

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1 hour Course

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