MS Word Thesis Preparation for Students


Target Audience: Students.

Do you have to write a thesis using APA guidelines? Produce a report with sections? Have you ever tried to remember and locate the last figure number used to reference a graphic in a long document? Microsoft Word provides the necessary tools for automating this procedure as well as other annotative/administrative components. For example, most long documents are accompanied by footnotes, citations, figures, indexes and a references inclusion. Larger documents can also be processed in smaller units which are then gathered together using a Master document. Creating any of these scenarios manually would be incredibly time consuming and frustrating!  Long document preparation can be tedious and error prone without the use of time-saving features and procedures. Microsoft Word provides a number of long document options that are an absolute must for ensuring consistency and uniformity throughout your document.

The primary focus of this workshop is to introduce features, techniques and procedures for expediting long document preparation.

NOTE: If this course is not scheduled, the following online Blackboard organization contains useful references. The procedure to enroll in this organization, and have access to the materials is as follows:
  1. Log into Course Tools ( > Course Tools link on left side)
  2. Go to the Bottom right Organization Catalog
  3. Select "Tutorials"
  4. Navigate to the ICT Word Thesis - hover over the text to see the drop down arrow
  5. Click the Drop Down arrow 
  6. Select Enroll
  7. Select Submit
  8. Email will be sent to Administrator and then you will receive an email indicating you are enrolled with a link to the organization.



This seminar will provide the necessary skills to:

  • create and apply styles to any document
  • use the outline feature for organizational editing
  • add a table of contents to a long document
  • employ section breaks to facilitate different page numbering styles within a single document
  • create and edit footnotes and citations
  • employ bookmarking and cross-referencing procedures
  • generate an index and bibliography
  • create and work with a master document


  • Basic computer skills

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2 hour Seminar

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