Teaching with Clickers - The Student Response System


Please note - This course is no longer offered however if you require assistance with Clickers, contact servicedesk@usask.ca

Replacing Clickers is Top Hat.

Do you want to know what your students are really thinking? This instructor workshop provides an orientation to the TurningPoint Technologies Response System (SRS) otherwise known as "clickers". Hardware and software requirements are described for classroom implementation of this response tracking technology. Pedagogical perspectives are also addressed.

For the presentation portion of the workshop, you will participate using the clicker. You will then experiment with the PowerPoint-based application to poll responses to questions in sample formats such as yes/no, multiple choice and Likert.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to attend this workshop as a group at your convenience, please contact training@usask.ca.

Reference material for instructors includes the how-to information guide found on the ICT Website.


In this workshop, participants will:

  • Interact in presentation delivery using clickers
  • Employ the TurningPoint (PowerPoint-based) software to generate interactive slides
  • Examine the procedure for generating TurningPoint reports using class lists
  • Save and open TurningPoint session data
  • Convert an existing Power Point presentation into an interactive TurningPoint presentation with minimal effort
  • Explore technical implementation issues


  • Basic computer skills

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1.5 hour Course

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