Fee Information
Why are some courses free?

The ICT's operating budget allocates funds for information technology training on infrastructure related topics. This base-budget funding covers the delivery cost for courses such as HTML Basics, Computer Basics, and MS Word workshops and seminars.

Another funding source is applied to offerings such as Wiki Fundamentals and BB Learn.

The remaining courses are offered at a reasonable fee primarily to offset the costs associated with delivering the instruction. Faculty and staff may use professional development funds to pay for a course. Course fees ($100 or more) that are not paid for by a company or department may be claimed as tax deductible tuition. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Training Fees - How Do I Pay?

Fees for specific courses are listed on the course description page. Applicable fees will also be listed on your "My Training" page after you log in.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order or CFOAPAL account. Charge cards are currently not accepted.
Note: the listed course fee does not include GST

Cheques are payable to University of Saskatchewan. Send or bring to:

Training Services
Educational and Research Technology Services
Information and Communications Technology
University of Saskatchewan
c/o Room 56 Physics Building
116 Science Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5E2

Phone: 966-4866 (ask for Training Services)

Email: training@usask.ca

U of S Accounts (THESE DO NOT INCLUDE STUDENT ACCOUNTS): Professional Development or Department Funds (Use 20 digit CFOAPAL): send to training@usask.ca. If you have any questions about your CFOAPAL, speak with the administrative or financial staff for your area.

Please make cheques or money orders payable to the University of Saskatchewan.
Fees of more than $100.00 may be tax deductable as a tuition.
Refund Policy

Due to non-recoverable costs, no cash refunds will be granted if we do not receive written notification of absence at least 24 hours prior to any particular course. Exchange of equal value is possible, subject to availability.